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"Moni is an excellent Financial Advisor! She is very knowledgeable and will create a customized plan for your financial needs. Highly recommend!"

K. Smith

"A very knowledgeable Financial Advisor who is enthusiastic to see her clients succeed when it comes to financial literacy. I have schedule many follow-ups after attending her great Zoom webinars."

Y-ya M

"I recently attended iteachfinance’s investment 101 workshop and it was very informative. I enjoyed Monia’s teaching style. She was easy to understand and explained things in such a simple manner.
I can’t wait for the part two and also to have my personal sit down with Monia."

Natasha J.

"I just took the credit Cense class and it was very informative. Moni is a great teacher and instructor. She gives lots of relatable examples that really help you grasp the concept. Definitely highly recommended if you want pointers and tips on how to raise your credit score and just basic knowledge about credit."

R. Brown

"I've been working with @iteachfinance a little over a month now and it's been such a game changer for me.

If you don't need help understanding your finances then cool. However, if you are clueless like I was then hit them up! This is not one of those debt consolidation type things. We are talking real strategies to help you with managing your money on your own."

Tash @ta_shade

Hi Monia! Everyone was truly blessed by the information you shared. Your ability to engage, relate, and assess is unmatched! Thank you for being so free and relatable. Everyone was encouraged.

God's Remnant Assembly via Tolu


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